The International Currents Gallery presents the newest and most exciting work of contemporary international artists and architects.

The International Currents Gallery spotlights new work by accomplished masters as well as the work of emerging artists. In both cases, artists and architects at the leading edge of their field make their Chicago premiere at the International Currents Gallery in what is usually their first solo exhibition in the U.S. Each international exhibition is officially opened by the Consulate General of the artist's native country and includes a catalogue and installation designed by the artist especially for the Foundation. Foundation exhibitions are free and open to the public, allowing all of Chicago and her visitors to enter into dialogue with some of the world's greatest creative voices. Exhibiting artists also present public lectures and discussion forums in concert with their shows. A sampling of those who have presented solo exhibitions at the Foundation include architects Coop Himmelblau of Vienna and Douglas Cardinal of Ottawa, installation artist Corbin Walker of Dublin, photographer Gerald Zugmann of Vienna, and painters Jeannot Schwartz of Switzerland and Pilar Insertis of Spain.

As part of its International Currents programming, the Foundation has awarded the prestigious Chicago Prize to international artists who will then hold a studio residency before exhibiting and lecturing at the gallery. Past winners of the Chicago Prize include painter Ian Howard of Edinburgh and sculptor Ales Vesel of Prague.

Click here to see photos from the most recent reception: Chinese Contemporary Landscape Paintings by Liu Jun Gang.

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